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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wherever you are, if you are a Nigerian, get your bags, and run!!! What on earth am I thinking? You don’t need your bags; forget about your shoes, just run!!!

Civil War 2 is on (ducks as some shrapnel gives way somewhere close by), my bad, one of the countless genocide episodes that threatens to pale out whatever went down in Biafra back then, has been triggered.

Zaki Biam, Odi, Jesse, Bauchi, Jos have all had their fair share of ethno-religio-civilio-genocide (okay, go add that to Webster’s) and now, it is the Niger Delta’s turn, courtesy of the JTF (Joint Task Force, made up of sections of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air-Force, with the purpose of combating armed 'rebel' groups in the Niger Delta).

Okay, I understand we have population issues, but is this the way to go about it? Reduce the minorities till only few of them are left in ‘game reserves’? We were quick to condemn Israel, America for civilian causalities yet we gloss over the children killed in these blood-letting sprees….

Aerial bombardment and firing from Ships in Nigeria? This is where we take the credit. While Hollywood displays war skills that even the mighty armies of the United States doubt they possess, it is the other way round this side; our Movies may never be able to beat the realities presented. Life down this side is the actual reality show with a script. Unlike our movies that seem to lack the very script we talk of.

Operation Restore Hope indeed! I see no hope, all I see is Soldiers’ Shrapnel, Guns and Grenades, bombs and billows of smoke…it indeed is a very gloomy picture.

What became of the refugees that fled to the Ogbe-Ijoh General Hospital? They had to flee further simply because the Gestapo came calling again.

Let me pause at this point to emphatically state that I do not endorse violence, but if we are to stay true to the maxim ‘He that seeks Equity must come to Equity with pure hands’, there is an entirely discomfiting skew in the position. I ask, has the Capital punishment reduced the spate of Armed Robbery in any part of the world?

When Cocoa and groundnut were the major source of export for Nigeria, the derivation formula was adopted, but a shameful volte-face came up when Oil was discovered in the South-South, so is it rocket science to figure why there is persistent unrest in that region?

Why are the militants abducting expatriates? Again, it’s not hard to figure, what would you do if you are an American and I stand in front of your embassy to burn the Uncle Sam flag? It’s only a piece of cloth! No, it is not. If I must get your notebook from you, I do not need a gun, but if I need your money, I just might need one, but money is just some paper! The Multinational Companies secured a track record of waste, pollution and gross corruption and when the Environmental Rights Crusader, Ken Saro Wiwa was hanged in 1995, at least seven to eight digits from every discerning finger pointed the way of corporate-sponsored-government-induced execution and so, it is almost automatic for anyone from that region to see the average expatriate as the ‘Flag’ of the Country that symbolizes the cruel injustice he’s had to put up with, again, is that too hard to figure?

The spokesperson for the JTF has told us all that ‘civilian casualties’ are inevitable in a War, in other words, he has told us what it is, It is a War, JTF (Federal) versus Niger Delta. Period!

Addendum: Just thought good to distribute this free once more, I told the Nigerian Story over The Game's My Life beat off the L.A.X is the link:

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