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Monday, May 18, 2009


Okay, let me bust your are a Talakawa, period!

If you are reading this piece courtesy of your office internet, or through some not-so-broadband provided by those leeches otherwise called the telecoms company, fall in line.

Yeah, you ride a fancy car...if you had to service some loan to purchase it and u ever had to groan when a motorbike or some dude scratched your belong here.

If you earn a salary, even if you are an employer and you have to fret as the Months roll to an end, if you built a house you can't pull down and raise in Three Days, just wave your hand and sit down.

Do you know what is called Power Outage? If you do, do have a seat please..I see the hall is getting crowded, but we can have some space for more.

You fly Business Class, what happens when the Flight is delayed? See why you belong here too? as long as you don't own the plane...

Need I add that the word has Arabic roots, and that the Yoruba (Western Nigeria Language) word Talaka, meaning The Poor was derived from this root? The Hausas in Nigeria would define the Talakawa, in contrast with the Al-majiri( Destitute) and the Masu Sarauta (Aristocrats) simply as the Common Man, and it is the fundamental philosophy that change in the society rests on both the neck and shoulders of this people...who else should we expect it from?

Who are those that read the dailies? the ones that are too poor to afford an education and cannot scribble the letter 'O' with the base of a bottle? or the ones that decide what happens in the society and do not need to read someone else's view about the script they wrote?

The middle position, I daresay, is not enviable in the least sense, like being a civilian in a village under intense fire by both government and loyal troops, being Latino in a predominantly black vs white hood, or being Ogoni, during the Nigerian Civil War.....

The Global Meltdown has become a mantra, but who heard it first? I assure you the term came from the mouth of a talakawa!

Having said all these to prepare your mind....I assure you that I will give you from time to time, something to cry for...Welcome aboard, Rantings of The Talakawa!!!!

You may please be seated....on the mat, the floor, who says it has to be a chair?

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